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Helping people by giving sights to machines.

Neuronix’s patented technology leverages the properties of intrinsically stable neuromorphic motion controller to produce an optically self-converging binocular vision system.  Optical self-convergence leads to behaviors akin to human abilities to focus our visual attention on any object in the field of view, while rapidly and frequently switching attention from one object to another.
Self-convergence offers an in-situ optical triangulation simplifies depth perception and provides ranging information.  This reduces computational complexity of 3D scene perception, improves spatial resolution of an image and increases the effective dynamic range.  Self-convergence of Neuronix’s vision system is maintained even in presence of rapid motions and vibrations.    
Robots will affect all facets of our lives and robotics is a truly disruptive technology.  Self-driving vehicles, mining, assisting elderly, agriculture and planetary explorations are just several examples from a long list of applications.  Advanced vision system is a prerequisite to all of the above.  Our technology finally delivers this key functionality.
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