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Vladimir Gorelik is the founder of Neuronix.  His academic background in physics and control systems combined with insatiable curiosity in the fields of biology, neurophysiology and biomechanics help him to develop a unique approach to bio-inspired engineering.
Vladimir is an accomplished professional and inventor with eight patents in the fields of neuromorphic and electrical engineering, robotics, vision and image processing, dexterous manipulation, intelligent motion control and computing.  His multidisciplinary analytical approach draws on knowledge of semiconductor materials, electronics, embedded systems and system engineering techniques. His strong working understanding of biomechanics and mammalian neurophysiology combined with extensive hands-on experience in building robotic systems results in innovative solutions to challenging problems.

Several examples of Vladimir’s previous work:

- Hypothetical mechanism of auditory processing for extraction of directional cues. Integration with oculomotor function.

- Silicon Approximation to Biological Neuron

- Massively Interconnected NoDe

- Attractor; Neuromorphic motion controllere